Rules of return

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days and return the item to GUNTINA.COM! In case of returns complete payment for the product is refund!

  • By refusing the products, the purchase amount will be credited to the current account, which will be specified in a Waiver Form within 15 days from the date of reception of products.
  • If refusing the products, money for delivery will not be refunded.

Conditions for returning products:

1.​ Item must be send it back complete, how is delivered by the vendor, including all product components - otherwise returning of products may be refused.

2.​ Mandatory product documentation are:

  • invoice (if payment was made by bank transfer) OR
  • cheque if payment was made in cash, AND
  • completed Waiver Form. To complete return of item is required to fill out a Good return form to add the product to be returned.

3.​ Returnable products must be sent to the following address:

GK Projekti Ltd.
Brivibas Street 155, k.5,
Riga, LV -1012

By starting to use the purchased product, the buyer certifies that it meets the order and the product cannot be returned.

According to the condition of sixth part of Paragraph 12 of the Consumer Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia “a consumer shall be liable for maintenance of the quality and safety of the goods during the time period for exercising the right of withdrawal”, due this GUNTINA.COM reserves the right of the purchaser to refuse, to exercise the rights, if the product is used and/or broken.

Product descriptions and pictures have informative nature. Using of provided information does not establish legal relationship between visitors of the online store and its developers. Prices and products in the online store may be changed without notice. We do not guarantee complete accuracy of the information available.

Shopping in the online store “GUNTINA.COM” is regulated by the 28th of May 2002 Cabinet of Ministers regulations No 207 “Regulations of distance contract”.